Thursday, 14 February 2008

All you need is love.

Bush Daddy told me yesterday that he was going to buy me flowers today but we are a bit low on cash at the moment so he's not going to now... Ok?

Fair enough. I have just been skiing.

Valentine's day always leaves me a bit cold. I hated it when I was single as it just exacerbates the fact that you don't have anyone and are spending it in alone, probably ordering a take away and watching old re-runs of Sex and the City (I did that once when I lived in New York - actually very good fun).

Yesterday I went out for lunch with my husband which was our little celebration. I was up in the West End for an appointment and could not quite believe the ridiculous way in which the high street goes nuts for Valentine's day. And the worst bit is that you get kind of sucked into it. I saw a few people like me in Paperchase scoffing at the cheap hearts and flowers tat that they were selling at exorbitant prices only to find myself standing next to them in the queue to pay for said tat twenty minutes later..

So - my way of celebrating is to put down my all time favourite romantic songs, films and thoughts - see opposite.


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