Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Gardeners Anonymous?

I no longer hide shopping bags from Whistles, Zara, Cath Kidston in my wardrobe from my husband. I am finding myself hiding my new obsession at the end of the garden when he comes home at night, hoping that in these long light evenings he won't notice anything unusual out there.

But my secret is out. The fact that I can barely move in the evenings when he walks in the door is unfortunately a bit of a giveaway.

No more Clarins skincare or White Company smellies for me. And no it's not cutie, itsy bitsy baby clothes, or cool hi tech prams or weird and wonderful pregnancy lotions and potions. Even Westfield has lost it's appeal.

Oh no - I am now spending my monthly child benefit on bonemeal, roseclear and mulch. Our local garden centre has just opened the most amazing new cafe and i am so excited because I now take the children there after school for an ice cream whilst I pore over plants and shrubs. No more Facebook and Ebay for me - it's Crocus and David Austin all the way.

Yesterday I took delivery of a large selection of plants which in this warm weather and given we are about to go away for a week, needed to be planted immediately. So I spent all morning yesterday digging and planting Achemilla Mollis (part of my wedding flowers), Irises, a camellia and two new chive plants. I also planted a new David Austin rose called Albertine that my mother bought me and was apparently my granny's favourite rose.

By last night I could not move. Bush Daddy was not sympathetic. I mean one shouldn't really be digging the garden nearly 5 months pregnant right? But I just can't help myself. I sit there eyeing up my new plants imagining their poor roots drying out as I leave them for another hour.. and the temptation is just too great. And Bush Daddy is working late all week and then we have a tea party for the girls and then we are going away so - who else is going to do it?

And it's not just our garden... We have sky plussed Gardeners World (my husband thankfully partly shares my obsession) and I pore over Suttons seeds catalogues - yes really. I'm not even watching the Apprentice or Ashes to Ashes any more. I'd rather be buying plants online. Chelsea Flower show has just started and for the first time in my life I actually want to go.

What is going on? Is this middle age at 38? Or is it a reaction to the continual depressing news that surrounds us. Our totally corrupt government perhaps or the latest child abuse scandal emerging in Ireland maybe? It is so much more peaceful going out into the garden and talking to my tomato plants than listening to the news. Even Jeremy Vine has started to depress me.

Oh dear. I am officially turning into my mother.


Margarita said...

This sounds like me, getting completely and utterly obsessed with every single thing on earth. Prams, baby clothes, interior decor, I even went through a bathroom redecoration phase. I don't currently have a garden... but one day!

Mud in the City said...

I think you are quite right - switching from depressing news about greedy MPs over to the Chelsea Flower Show on BBC2 is a breath of fresh air. There is more to life - and the simple satisfaction of a scented rose or honeysuckle round the window is hard to beat. Why not try sweet peas as well this eyar - they are soooooo pretty!

God I want a garden.

Perfectly Happy Mum said...

Oh dear I am the same, definitely turning into my mother with the gardening obsession this year. This is the first time of my life I do some gardening. I even invested in all the tools you require for this as well as the flowery girly gardening gloves... And to top it all up I am also turning into a craft goddess! Just made a decorative stuffed dog, sewing all the little parts with my little hands! loving it!

Kelloggsville said...

ha, I relate. I'm 39 and I'm running my own vegetable plot for the first time ever this year. The bugs are mine enemies that I will overthrow. I have built a runner bean ivory tower to watch over my soldier radishes. This level of obsession with what was just going to be a few bags of tomatoes worries me :

least I know I'm not alone!

Maternal Tales said...

Little award for you at mine x

Kelloggsville said...

I left you an award on my site.

Hope you don't mind, the theme of gratitude seemed to fit you very well. Please don't feel obliged to continue any chain.

A Modern Mother said...

I love my garden, it's my little escape.

disa said...