Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A Heavenly competition..

I have regular conversations with my children about heaven. Or 'Devon' as they rather charmingly call it. It's much easier to tell them that the dog has gone to Devon. Or that Granny's in Devon and will see them soon.

They are at a fairly religious C of E school where they PRAISE THE LORD every day at assembly. They also say this very sweet grace at lunch which I'm going to write out because it is so adorable.

Thank you for the world so sweet - ho hum.
Thank you for the food we eat - yum yum.
Thank you for the birds that sing-a-ling-a-ling.
And thank you God for everything, Amen, start again.

Obviously the subject of heaven comes up more and more particularly as people we know sadly seem to keep dying. The dinner lady at their school - Babs - died last week. She served them their lunch every day and was part of the furniture at their school. Mini's little brow was very creased about that one. "But WHERE has Babs gone Mummy? and who's going to serve us our lunch now?"

I never know quite what to say about heaven. Some people think it's ridiculous to spin a yarn about a whole idyllic world in the sky where you go and live on a cloud, never get old and see all your old friends, pets and grandparents. But my view is this.

They are children.

They cannot possibly begin to rationalise or understand death at their age. I can't rationalise or understand it at my age. They NEED an explanation.. an image of where people go and what happens after life. My view is that they can hang onto this version until they are old enough to come up with their own better one. It's just another Father Christmas or Tooth Fairy story really. So in our house, there is a heaven, and everything is perfect there, and there are angels with wings and everything is white and God is there (although when they asked what he looked like I was a bit stumped). This makes them happy. They visibly sigh in relief. It comforts them and makes people dying easier to bear, which is fine by me.

We were recently sent a new release kids film called "The Littlest Angel" based on the best-selling children's novel by Charles Tazewell. It's utterly adorable and a perfect way to bring heaven to life if you, like me, believe that you have to give your children some kind of explanation.

All three children - aged seven, five and two were mesmerised by it and I had a lovely hour of peace while they watched it.

I've got three free copies to give away if you can answer this question.

Question - What are the names of the three Kings in the Christmas nativity story?

Winners will be picked at random by Senior Bush Baby after half term. 

The Littlest Angel is available on DVD and Download to own now.

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w3mumof2 said...

What a timely posting! Today is my 6 year old daughters birthday and also the first anniversary of her adoring granny's death. I think we'll be getting a copy of 'the Littlest Angel' - I think it might be just what we need! (& I'm going to enter too!)