Sunday, 22 April 2012

Let them eat cake.

Imagine baking for the Queen?  Imagine my surprise when this beauty popped up on Facebook, baked by my friend Karen who I have written about before.  She baked my MIL's eightieth birthday cake last year and has done beautiful things for my girls' christenings and birthdays.

But when I saw this.. I was truly stopped in my tracks.  Not only is it one of the most beautiful cakes that I've ever seen, it truly was made for the HRH the Queen to mark the occasion of her birthday yesterday.

Apparently it was presented with Gary Barlow singing 'Happy Birthday' to her Madge.

It doesn't get much better than that does it?

For more info on KP's glorious cakes of which there are many, visit

Long live the Queen.


Chloe Brewer said...

Forget the queen-I want one! That looks amazing! Your friend is really very talented!

Carole said...

Wow. Talking of birthday cake, you might like this Janet Evanovich quote Evanovich quote