Sunday, 13 January 2013

Glitter Litter

If I'm not clearing up after the kids, I'm clearing up after the cat.  I lie in bed in the morning and try to eke out the minutes before I have to go downstairs and face the chaos.  In the last month this chaos has included a lot of cat.  We had two cats for nearly three weeks over Christmas - one ours, one on loan.  Loaned cat upset our cat resulting in multiple and regular poo on the floor, in the litter, everywhere. 

We timed it one morning - 37 minutes to clear up and clean out the mess the cats had made.  I am normally to be found outside in sub zero temperatures most mornings before I've even had my tea emptying endless litter into outdoor bin.  It is deeply depressing.

Add to the litter - glitter.

It's banned in our house.  I know - it's cruel when there are three little girls involved.  But there it is.  Yesterday, in honour of their father's birthday, I allowed them to get out the glitter to make birthday cards.  I took a deep breath, put it on the kitchen table along with a bottle of craft glue and left the room.  Best not to watch.  Glitter is one of the few things along with ice cream that creates total silence in our household.  That is the only good thing about it.

After five minutes one child appeared bearing recently made birthday card, then the second appeared, then the third.  I couldn't quite bear to look down at the small pyramid of glitter that was building on my sitting room carpet.  Once it was over, I calmly put it all away and cleared up.  Glitter is notoriously difficult to clear up.  It's too light to sweep up or hoover.  It floats like dust on impact with either.  Mopping it up just moves it from A to B.  It was now everywhere - on the floor, the chairs, the sofa, the loo seat, all over the kids, on their faces, in their eyes, all over the cat, even in the litter.

This morning, I lay in bed ekeing out the moments until I would have to go downstairs and face the wretched litter.  Three little girls appeared at 07.50 bearing breakfast in bed and Daddy's cards.  As I slumped down stairs to face the chaos I noticed a twinkling trail ahead..  There it was.. again.. the glitter trail.


The litter and the glitter.

Glittery litter..

What next?

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