Friday, 18 January 2013

Me and Eva..

So, I've thrown down the gauntlet. 

One of my children is learning the piano, one is learning the guitar, both are not bad and have a natural talent.  This evening as we sat in front of the fire listening to the heartachingly beautiful strings and piano of Eva Cassidy I set them a challenge. 

In eight years time I will turn fifty and, I told them, the best present you could possibly give me is to play me, together, as a duet, an Eva Cassidy song at my fiftieth birthday party.  There are plenty to choose from - Early Morning Rain, Kathy's Song, Songbird, Fields of Gold.  All would be a joy and all would make me cry. 

Having them play one of these songs to me on that night would make all these years of cooking, cleaning, ironing, school runs, breaking up fights, picking up socks, making beds, brushing hair, cleaning teeth, being woken up three times a night - all worthwhile.

They giggled when I told them that aged nearly 17 and 15 they will be old enough not only to come to my party but have a little glass of wine too.

So here's to being 50, to my girls and to Eva.

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