Monday, 11 February 2013

How do I look Mummy?

This morning my eldest daughter refused to put on a hat as it would 'ruin her hair'.
She is nearly nine.. NINE.   Her latest hair craze is to plait it into millions of plaits all over her head and sleep with it like this.  In the morning she looks like a nine year old Kate Bush.  In fact I'm longing to get the comb out to back comb it and really work this 70's look.   It actually looks really good.

But seriously this is not the first sign of girlhood vanity.  She is not even close to teenage years and yet is already so aware of how she looks.  She spends hours in her bedroom doing her hair, painting her nails, putting on make up.  I know this is a rite of passage with little girls but really?  Already?  What will she be doing by the time she is twelve?  Or sixteen?  I can't go there..

I blame Tracy Beaker and her friends.  My kids love all things Tracy Beaker or Sadie B and this is the stuff that the BBC is putting out there at prime kids time.  There are plaits a plenty not to mention jewellery, far too much make-up and serious A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E.

I'm not sure how I feel about my kids watching a show about kids who live in a home.  Mostly I think it's quite good for them to see that not everyone lives in middle class bliss with a built in mummy and daddy like they do.. I think it does make them appreciate what they've got.  But equally they are a little too in awe of Sapphire Fox for my liking.  Sapphire who is sixteen and wears more make-up than I have ever done in my forty two years.

I had an interesting discussion with other friends with girls about this.  Particularly over the 'fat' issue which also raises it's ugly head a little too often for my liking.  'I'm getting FAT Mummy' claims my skinny daughter in the bath, clutching a non existent roll of fat around her tummy.  I tend to ignore her and change the subject.  I'm not engaging in this debate and the more heat I add to the conversation the more it is likely to become an 'issue'.  So I choose to ignore it.

But other mummies think it's good that their daughters are aware of the issues of over-eating, weight gain and obesity.  I'm not sure.  There's healthy eating and then there's body image.  Awareness of one may be ok at this age but the other is not and I personally don't want to raise a brace of body obsessed stick insects.  For me anorexia is far more of a worry in this day and age. 

So I will continue to quietly change channel when our friend Sapphire appears and suggest baking a nice healthy chocolate cake instead?   Oh and keep up the custard.  Not much I can do about the hair and make-up.

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Muddling Along said...

There must be some sort of bush telegraph - my two have suddenly decided their hair needs to be plaited overnight too...