Monday, 1 July 2013

History repeats.

When I was little I would only sleep with one of my mother's pure silk scarves at my feet.  A bit like Cleopatra who would only bathe in milk, I would not settle for anything less than 100% silk, preferably from Hermes as it's heavy texture wrapped silkily around my toes was guaranteed to send me into a deep slumber.

My mother, then a fashion editor for a leading magazine, duly indulged my habit to get a bit of peace and sleep.  The number of Hermes scarves I shredded in my lifetime is too embarrassing to recount.  Each of them sold on Ebay would have fed a family in Africa for a month.  She got given them as gifts in her role as "Grand Fromage" at said magazine.  It was the 80's - everything was indulgent then.

My point is, that my eldest daughter seems to have inherited my expensive taste.  I now find her nightly, upstairs in my bedroom, dripping wet from MY shower, having washed her hair and conditioned it with MY very expensive shampoo from NYC, applying liberal quantities of MY extremely expensive Kiehl's creme de corps from MY Christmas pump dispenser bottle which only costs a mere £45 don't you know?

As she sits there, dripping, glistening, smiling and I try to be cross with her, I think back to the Hermes scarves.

And I smile, once again, at the way that history repeats itself.


Muddling Along said...

Like mother like daughter!

Think a little bit of luxury in daily life is much underappreciated

nappy valley girl said...

She has good taste! I used to love putting on my mum's perfume and jewellery. You don't get that with sons.

beach lad said...

monkey see monkey do...

when my son was about 3 or 4 he got hold of my shaver and said he 'wanted to be like dad' and proceeded to drag it across his face. there was a bit of blood but luckily nothing too serious....made me really appreciate that i was being "watched".

Lucy Campbell said...

I so know about that - I have taken to hiding my expensive shampoo from my gorgeous daughter who's hair is so gorgeous and shiny that she only needs to wash it in water for it to look good - unlike my dry old hair Lx