Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Gone Bush.

It's been a few years in the making but it's finally happened.

The Bush Babies have traded one Bush for another.  Our new habitat can be found in a rather more attractive, green, leafy borough in Hampshire.  I'm a little busy filling in doctor registration forms and battling with non existent mobile phone signal however early obs are as follows:

1. There are far fewer people in the countryside.
2. And far fewer cars (hence fewer chances of children being run over).
3. You can park everywhere and it's free.
4. You can do everything a lot quicker due to all of above.
5. Mobile reception for Orange is pants.
6. Everyone is very polite and friendly.
7. I go to bed a lot earlier, due to inexplicable tiredness.
8. Settling three children into three different schools is an interesting experience.
9. I am always hungry.
10. I don't miss London (yet).

More soon.

1 comment:

nappy valley girl said...

Wow. A big move for you too.

I sympathise about the getting children settled into different schools. My children are fine in their new schools but I am totally confused about who has what on which day and which school event is when.....

Lack of traffic sounds very nice. I am hating being back in London traffic.